big cherry tree in the middle of the schoolyard!( Fukui Prefecture)

have you ever seen a big cherry tree in the middle of the schoolyard?

well, there is one here in ajimano-syougatukou.

it is quite rare in japan but this cherry tree has a good story to share.
this tree had already lasted for more than 140 years. you can see this rare tree in echizen city, fukui prefecture.
are you ready to know the story behind this big cherry tree in the middle of ajimmano- syougatukou elementary schoolyard.
so here it is:

this cherry tree planted in 1905.when the time has come that the school need to renovate at that time you can only see cherry tree beside the school building,
not in the middle of the schoolyard.

afterthat, in 1978 there is changes that they need to make so they renovate the school building to create new school building.there is demolition of some part of the school buildings.
as a result only one big cherry tree remained in the middle of the school yard.

people think and feel that the big cherry tree always watch over the school and the student they feel the wonderful beauty of the the school because of that big cherry tree that
stayed there for more than 140 years.

when spring comes the beauty of cherry tree will bloom and spread happiness to all people.if you want to witness the beauty of this cherry tree to bloom you shoudl visit in early april.

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